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        Discover and learn

        What’s the translation process and where do you start?
        Let our unique resources guide you to your best translation yet.

        Getting started

        Test expectations

        Anyone can start translating with Gengo by passing our translation tests. This resource is a must-read before you start any test.

        • ? Testing process
        • ? How to pass
        • ? Common reasons for rejection


        Style guide

        Translation rules and preferences. Follow these basic rules in all translations unless instructed otherwise.

        • ? Target language-grammar
        • ? Formatting and punctuation
        • ? Translation tips

        Featured resources

        Our professional team of Language Specialists has poured over thousands of translation reviews to put together their best tips and tricks.Find out the most difficult challenges of your language pair and learn how to navigate them to improve your translations.

        Lewene guides

        The translation process

        The translation process

        Processes are important to translation work. This guide introduces a basic process to improve quality and efficiency.

        • ? Key translation steps
        • ? Resources to help along the way
        • ? Importance of proofreading

        Avoiding literal translation

        Avoiding literal translation

        A guide on avoiding the common pitfall of producing translations that sound translated.

        • ? Understanding literal translation and how to avoid it
        • ? Can you spot the difference between a natural and literal text?
        • ? The key is reading just the target text

        Communicating with customers

        Communicating with customers

        Further develop your communication style to deliver a smooth customer experience.

        • ? The link between communication and translation quality
        • ? When and how to approach the customer
        • ? What to do in a difficult situation

        Code guide

        Code guide

        Rules for translating code and code-related elements.

        • ? How to handle HTML tags, [[[triple brackets]]] and 1deflated HTML tags{/1}
        • ? Common errors
        • ? Recognizing uncommon code

        Source Text issues

        Source Text issues

        Not all source text is written perfectly. This guide explains how to handle common issues in the source text, with helpful examples.

        • ? Introducing 10 typical mistakes found in the source text
        • ? What are the Dos and Don'ts?
        • ? Clear instructions and examples


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